How much does registration cost?

Registration will be $7.50.  From that registration fee, expenses such as Paypal, website and postage fees will be deducted and the remainder will be donated to Doctors without Borders.  Last year, we were able to donate $.84 from every dollar donated and are hoping to do even better this year.  The Commander-in-Chief, her lieutenants, designers and sponsors are not making any money from this competition and are working strictly as volunteers.  An income statement will be posted on the website at the end of the contest so participants will know exactly how much has been donated to the cause.

What if I like to knit socks, love the cause, but am not so into the pressure of this competition?

If you want to register just to receive the patterns and support the charity effort; that is wonderful, just indicate when you register that you do not wish to participate in Active Duty. Be sure to cheer on your favorite sniper along the way, though!

What if my target has already fired their weapon, who sends me the SIPs?

If your target has already sent their socks to their target, that person will forward their SIPs either to their sniper (your target) and then they will be forwarded to you. Or, if it can be communicated in time, your target may let them know to just send the SIPs straight to you.

What’s a medic?

Medics are this game’s version of angels from swaps. They will kindly knit a pair of socks for a target who has received socks that are unwearable.

Do I have to send my needles? I like my needles.

Absolutely not! I don’t share my toys well and don’t expect you to. Put the SIP on waste yarn and mail that. Besides, customs might have a field day with all the boxes of sharp objects being mailed.

What about customs, anyway?

Please mark your packages as “gifts” for customs purposes. This will keep your target from having to pay duty fees and really, these are gifts since your target did not buy the socks from you. Also, please don’t put that it’s a weapon, that they’ve been killed or any other language like that on the package. Unfortunately, in the climate of the world today, I’m guessing there will be very little sense of humor at the post office about that.

Do I have to knit to the gauge listed in the pattern?  I like my socks to be (looser/tighter).

You must knit to the gauge listed in the pattern.  The reason for this is because if you are killed off, another knitter may take up the weapon and for the sake of uniformity, all snipers are required to knit to the same gauge.

On a related note, yes, you must use fingering weight yarn, even if you are able to achieve gauge with sport, dk or any other weight yarn.

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