Prior to the beginning of the competition, you will be provided with a dossier on your target including their Rav Name, Name, Mailing Address and most importantly - their Shoe Size. Upon commencement of battle, four patterns will be released simultaneously on the Sock Sniper website (currently under construction). These patterns will be password protected and snipers will receive the username and password after their registration fee is paid.

You will "kill" your target by sending them a pair of socks from the arsenal of patterns.  When they receive their "death socks", your target will send you their Socks in Progress (SIPs) so you can finish them and try to kill their target next.


This is a round robin game. Your target is NOT the person who is after you. If you receive death socks from your sniper, you are DEAD, even if you have already fired your weapon at your target. If you have not yet fired, you will mail your socks in progress (along with the yarn to complete them) to your sniper within 48 hours so they can go after your target themselves. When you are killed, you must notify the Commander in Chief via email and inform her of your Rav Name, the Rav Name of your sniper and any last words that you may be able to gasp out.  You will also post your untimely demise on the message board.  This notification should be made the same day you receive your socks.  If you are unable to log on to Rav, let the Commander-in-Chief know and she will post on the board for you.


When you receive Socks-In-Progress (SIPs) from your target, you will continue working from the point they left off and NOT switch patterns. Part of the fun on the game is the potential for receiving socks that have been worked on by many different knitters. That being said, if you receive SIPs that are so messed up that you cannot work on them, you may frog them, but you must work the pattern that was originally begun. No switching to an “easier” pattern!


Understand that the socks you receive as your Death Socks may have been worked on by knitters of varying skill. They may not be perfect. If the socks are completely unwearable, you may call for a medic who will send you a new pair of socks. You will remit the faulty weapons to the Commander-in-Chief. No playing the system to get more than one pair of socks! Even if you need a medic, you will still be DEAD when you receive your death socks.


Again, that being said, snipers should do their best to create a quality weapon. Snipers are known for skill and precision, so don’t cut corners just to try and finish faster. If you get a Yeti with a size 20 foot, that’s just a risk of the game. Don’t think that it’s okay to knowingly knit a sock several sizes too small for your target just for the sake of strategy. Snipers may want to photograph their weapons with a ruler to document that the correct caliber (size) was achieved prior to firing should a dispute occur. You may NOT deviate from the patterns as written as this may cause confusion if another sniper needs to continue where your cold, dead fingers left off. 


Minimum pattern requirements – should it be determined that a sniper did not meet the minimum requirements for a pair of socks (These requirements will be laid out with the pattern upon release) the Commander-in-Chief may determine that the weapon was misfired and should be returned to the Sniper for completion.


At its heart, this contest is a swap.  You must fire your first shot within 30 days of the commencement of battle (should you survive that long) or you will be disqualified from the game and required to forward your SIPs up the line to your sniper, whether they have fired at you or not.  It will also be strongly frowned upon should you receive a pair of socks and your sniper receives only unknit yarn (instead of SIPs) in return.  Please put forth your best effort to work on the weapons when the contest begins.  Should the Commander-in-Chief determine that no effort was made, a sniper may not be permitted to register for Active Duty in future competitions.  Should a situation arise that interferes with your participation in this contest, please communicate that with the Commander in Chief as soon as possible.


Additional Items with your Weapons – You are not required to send gifts along with your finished weapon or SIPs but many snipers choose to do so.  You must send any remaining yarn along with finished socks in case your target should need to darn them in the future.  If you receive a gift from another player, you must acknowledge it on the boards.


Required Check-Ins – Active Duty Snipers will be required to check in one week prior to battle commencing (on or around August 23) and also two weeks after battle begins (on or around September 14)


Minimum Age Requirement - Since your name and mailing address will be shared with your sniper or snipers, you must be eighteen to see Active Combat. I hate to leave anyone out, but feel strongly about minors not sharing private information online. By registering for Active Duty, you are asserting that you are 18 or older and if it is found out that you are not, you will be automatically disqualified.  Minors are permitted to register to receive patterns only in this event.


Snipers may have to fire (mail) packages internationally. Do not sign up for Active Duty in this competition if that’s not acceptable!


The postal system and its efficiency, or lack thereof, will be a factor in this game. Use of overnight shipping is not permitted. You may use the postal service, UPS, FedEx, Pony Express or carrier pigeon if you would like, just not overnight delivery.   You may even hand deliver your socks if you live close enough to your target.  Snipers are advised to get delivery confirmation or tracking numbers to avoid any disputes that may arise but these will not be a requirement due to cost considerations. Proof of mailing should be retained, however.


The Commander-in-Chief is the final word in any disputes, but let’s try and keep them to a minimum.  Yes, we all get competitive, but this is meant to be fun and raise money for a good cause!

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